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SCC Development Team

We are an international team of developers and designers, responsible for the full-stack development of, the registration client SUSEConnect, and SMT.

SUSE is hiring! Want to work with us? Please check the currently open positions at SUSE and the SCC team. Humanstxt

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  • Our team culture is friendly and open.
  • We manage our own infrastructure, devops-style: the automated deployment, provisioning and testing infrastructure is maintained across the whole team.
  • We are Agile practicioners, with daily standup meetings and a test-driven development style using pull requests and code reviews.
  • We stay in direct contact with customers and other teams at SUSE to quickly identify and adapt to user needs and respond to customer issues.
  • We love to learn, are passionate about our applications, and our prime goal is to create a great experience for our users.

Our Technologies

Linux Sles Github Ruby Rails Rspec Cucumber Js Angular Haml Sass Postgres Redis Oracle Elastic Chef Ansible Mina Jenkins Vagrant Docker

Our Team Constitution

Similar to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development we created a manifesto for our team collaboration:

  • Social interaction over "Indiana Jones"-style superachievements
  • Autonomy over Set-in-stone solutions
  • Respect and friendliness over RTFMing everyone
  • Honesty over Compromises
  • Energy and Passion and Fun and Unicorns over Business as usual
  • Quality over Shipping ASAP


Besides hacking on SCC, we participate in regular department workshops, hackweeks, and are mentors at Google Summer of Code. Here are some projects that we worked on: